About Daniel Pels Photography

“Every picture tells a story don’t it” – Rod Stewart

I agree with Rod. And great pictures tell the story better. That’s our goal – create great photographic images that tell your story. Interesting and authentic images. Images that communicate something special about you, or about your business. Images that delight family and friends, or build brands and motivate customers.

Before we ever click the shutter we take the time to understand what makes you click. Before we tell you our vision, we make sure we understand yours.

For us, every person and project is unique and has a special story to tell. We’d welcome the opportunity to tell yours.

About Daniel Pels

After a 30-year career in business media as publisher of several leading trade magazines I’ve gone back to my original love and education – photography – and started this business with a simple goal in mind: creating the highest quality photographic images that my clients will love.